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ChatDollars is the leading chat line affiliate program and the first to offer a Dating Affiliate Program for the highly popular phone chat line industry by partnering with the wildly popular Talk121 phone chat.
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How to Network Successfully Online

Social networking has exploded in recent years with the popularity of sites like My Space and Direct Matches. Social networking websites are sites are places where members can meet to share photos, journals and interests with an extensive network of friends. When networking online it is important to consider who you want to meet in your networking endeavor. For example, do you want to meet business people? Then, you should focus on a more business oriented social networking site like Direct Matches or Ryze.

Where Can You Find Those You Want to Meet? One of the best ways to quickly find who you want on social networking websites is by using the search feature. You should compile a list of keywords which are likely to be used on the profiles of members you would like to meet. Searching for these keywords can help you to locate those who share your interests. Most social netwoking sites have features that make it easy to visit the profiles of your friends' firends. Visiting the profiles of your friends' friends can also help you to meet more interesting individuals. Those who you already consider to be friends likely share some of your interests.

Likewise, many of their existing friends may share these interests as well. Investigating profiles of those who are friends of your friends can put you in contact with many more people who might be potential friends for you. Do You Want to Take Your Networking Offline? After networking online, the natural progression is to determine whether or not you want to expand on your network to include face to face meetings as a part of this networking.

Care should be taken when making this decision to ensure you are not putting yourself, or others, at unnecessary risk by arranging these networking meetings. The most important aspect in arranging offline networking meetings with those who you meet online is choosing a safe location for these meetings. A well lit, busy, public location is ideal for these types of meetings. These types of locations not only minimize the chance that any participants in the meeting will attempt to harm others but also helps to make those who are planning to attend feel safer. You might think a house belonging to your friend is an excellent location because you are familiar with the location and will have friends with you but it is important to note those you are meeting may be just as suspicious of you as you are of them. They are more likely to be interested in attending your meeting if it takes place in a public location because they will feel more comfortable.

Another aspect to consider when deciding whether or not to take virtual networking opportunities offline is whether or not you think the friendships will be the same offline as they are online. Many Internet users feel freer to express their opinions online than they do in face to face meetings. Friends who have wonderful relationships online may find their relationship falters when they actually meet in person.

If you follow these tips and do your research you will have networking success.

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